We offer a wide range of logistics services ranging from basic warehousing to added-value services with the possibility of customized solutions up to the delivery or transshipment outside of Tunisia
Added-value Services
We bring you a range of tailored services to manage your logistics flows, designed to add value to your products:
  • Quality controls
  • Customized Labeling
  • Co-Packaging
We provide you:
  • A bonded warehouse of over 4.500 sqm area by 10 m height, divided into dedicated area for reception, storage, order preparation, controls, delivery...
  • 24h/7 security, provided by IP cameras, fire detectors, alarms system, human guards...
  • Various modular racks of storage : heavy and light, can hold up to pallets and boxes
  • Advanced technologies : Warehouse Management System, EDI, bar code system, web portal
  • Barcode readers to ensure identification of various stored materials and traceability management
  • Handling material equipment: reach forklift, stackers, pallet trucks, stepladder, counting scales, switches...
For ensuring deliveries of stored good, we may use 2 ways :
  • Our own van for small deliveries
  • Outsourced forwarding for large shipments thanks to partnership with network carriers
We are committed to ensuring the delivery of your goods safely and in time according to the desired location of your choice